Saturday, July 30, 2011

One week

Wow.  Time sure does fly.

40 days have passed between this entry and the last one, and obviously, quite a bit has happened.

  • I got my visa!  I'll admit, I did spend a few minutes after getting it just staring at it.  SO COLORFUL.
  • Grad party, which was insanely fun.  It was great to see so many relatives and friends, especially those I hadn't seen for years.
  • Went up north a few times.  The last trip included my first real goodbyes, both to relatives and friends.  But, the most painful was saying goodbye to my horse, Reggie.  It sucks that I have to leave him for a year, right after I finally started having time to get some miles on him.  I'll admit, I almost cried when I put him out in the field.
  • I am all set up to join a fanfare orchestra - only brass, percussion and saxes!  Even though I got the email at like 3am, I couldn't sleep for hours after I was so excited.  I lovelovelove that my family not only found me a trumpet to play, but a group to play in.  I feel so loved already, and I haven't even met them face to face yet.
  • Started packing/cleaning.  I never realized how many clothes I own until I started trying to pack.  All I can say is that I've very thankful for the 50lb weight limit.  Luckily, all my clothes (sans shoes and winter jackets/hoodies) fit in my first suitcase, so the second bag will be quite a bit lighter, and won't be close to full.

Now from here on out I have at least one thing planned every day, most of them having to do with saying goodbye.  No more free days of just lazing at home playing video games (though I did get in a solid 40+ hours a few weeks ago, so I guess that makes up for it), or sleeping in all day or staying up all night.  It's still hard to believe that I only have seven days left in the US before I go off for a year - I think the reality of it still hasn't hit me...

(And, of course, I need to show off my Reggie.  This picture was taken right after our final ride together D:  I'm gonna miss him so much )