About Me

I'm Kelsey, a 23 year old software tester in Madison, WI.  I majored in Economics and International Studies at NDSU, and graduated in the summer of 2015.

I also enjoy sitting in large boxes and drinking

From August 7th, 2011 until August 2nd, 2012, I was a Rotary Youth Exchange Student in Belgium.  It was a wonderful experience - I had some amazing host families, two fantastic music groups that I joined, and just a lot of good times overall.  If you really care about the details, there are over 300 entries of mindless babble I posted about the experience on this blog already.

Then, from February 20th - June 21st 2015 I was a college exchange student at Korea University in Seoul, South Korea.  While still a great experience, having harder classes and a weaker immune system meant most of my time was spent studying, sleeping, or complaining about being sick because having the prior semester be 18 senior level credits does your body no good.  More mindless babble, where I basically just wrote things down so I could remember it in the future, with no care about what people reading it may have though (the answer is boring, everyone thought it was boring).

This blog is now brought back to life for a third (hopefully not final!) time, where I'll be moving back to Korea sometime in the 2019/2020 time range.  I'll probably be updating every once in a while with my ideas about how I'll move back, what I'm doing to prepare, what I learn about the process, and really just what I want to remember in the future.  I've never been good at remembering the minutiae of the day to day, so this blog is really just a way for me to be able to look back on my life.

So really, this is basically a journal for me that's disguised as a public blog.  Unless I suddenly change my M.O. from the last 6 years, it's probably going to be a very dry "this is exactly what happened in my day" sort of blog as compared to the "these are coherent thoughts that people may actually care about" blog.

no seriously i really enjoy drink boxes