Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 115: Studying (on and off)

Sunday, June 14

Woke up, skyped a bit, played some games, got some food, and then studied.  Got most of my Korean stuff written in my study notebook, took a nap, skyped a bit more, ate more, studied more Korean.  Pretty boring day, but hey, all done putting stuff in my Korean study notebook now!  Just gonna study out of that tomorrow and write more in my game theory study notebook and I'm almost done!

It really doesn't feel real, especially with how lax this semester is compared to last.  I have 6 credits of finals this next week, and I'm not terribly worried about either.  Last semester I had 16 credits of senior level classes and my thesis due and I was just freaking out.  That feels so far away now; I'm glad I doubled up that semester so I could just slide during this one.  It's a nice break before my little 3 week summer vacation before I start up a real job with a fixed schedule and benefits :P

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