Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 111: Lectures

Wednesday, June 10

Didn't get much sleep after staying up late at the PC cafe.

Went to Finance, which wasn't needed, but I wanted to see my grade.  Well, the teacher said he won't be posting grades from the final until next week, so it wasn't worth showing up.  I only get the 3 extra credit points if I show up the next two class periods too and I'm not planning on that, so I basically sat around and listened to the student presentations until I could leave.  One was in English and was interesting, but the other was in Korean and just didn't have much info in English on the powerpoint, so I didn't learn anything.

Went back to the dorm, relaxed, napped a bit.  I set my alarm for 1pm so I could eat, woke up then and promptly turned off the alarm and fell asleep again.  Somehow I woke up at 1.30, which was weird because it was pitch black in my room and my roommate was also asleep, but totally needed because class was at 2.  Went to my game theory lecture - it was actually the last real lecture!  I thought we'd have it again on Monday but we don't!  So that was a nice surprise.

Ate quick (since I skipped lunch to nap those extra 30 minutes) and went to Korean.  Last day of student presentations there!  Just listened to those and did a bit of grammar in class, nothing too much.

Went home, studied a bit and napped a bit before finally going to bed.

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