Monday, June 8, 2015

Day 106: Finance final!

Friday, June 5

Woke up, studied a bit, and then went to my Finance final!  The first two questions, I had absolutely NO idea how to do them.  Like, they were on the part of the homework I didn't get, and it was pretty bad.  I put things down for them, but I doubt I'll get many (if any) points from those.  But, the last two questions, I think I did super well on.  I did basically a full page of writing for each.  And seeing as how I only need 3 points out of the 100 to pass, I'm pretty sure I will.

Left the final, and went to the PC cafe for a bit (this is how I'm getting into the culture).  Played games with some people for an hour or two and then left.  I took the subway to go visit a shrine, and I got lost on the way there.  I found the outside wall of the shrine and walked the wrong way around it for like 30 minutes, and then hit construction and they made me turn around and backtrack, so that was annoying.  I found the front after debating if it was worth it to stay, and then saw that as it was Friday I had to get a guided tour, and the next one was in 45 minutes.

I just left and went back to school because I was hungry and just not in the mood to wait that long in light rain with no umbrella to look at another shrine.  Maybe another day, but I'm not going to be crushed if I don't.  Honestly, I've seen more than I thought I would during my exchange, and I just don't want to force myself to see things if I'm not feeling it.  I know some people would chastise me for not "making the most of my time" and seeing every little temple and shrine and palace, but honestly, if you're not feeling it it's just a chore.

So, I went back to the dorm, slept for quite a while, and just watched things online and chatted with friends.  Very relaxing and just what I needed.

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