Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 110: PC Cafe and Dance Final!

Tuesday, June 9

Interesting day!

Woke up, skyped a bit, and got ready.  Dressed in some nicer clothes and then went to my dance final!  It was really fun - two couples at a time danced, and each couple had a "group name" for fun.  My partner and I were "body language" since he spoke no English and I spoke little Korean :P  It went great!  There was only one part where we got confused ,but we fixed it right away.  I got some guys in my class to record it for me, so I can prove that at one point in my life I was able to dance :P

Some partners were really unprepared - just stopping, not knowing what to do, etc.  One time one couple started and the other started 4 beats after and it was just hilarious, they kept looking at the first couple to see what moves to do next.  The teacher was having a great time with it.  Then, at the end, there was a guy who's partner didn't show up.  The teacher called on me to dance with him, so technically my third time doing the final.  It was hilarious.  He had absolutely no idea what to do, so I told him every step right before we did it and like, man handled him around the dance floor.  I'd spin him when we had to move, pull his hand the right way to do things, etc.  He just offered no resistance and let me do that, he seemed really grateful :)

Afterwards, got a burrito and ran into some guys from the class who were also getting food.  We all said hi and just did the little kind of bow to each other when we walked away, it was fun.  Then, went to Korean, endured more speeches and grammar practice, and then met my friend and his friend at the PC cafe.  We actually stayed there for like 6 hours playing games, with a little break for food.  Also, one of the part time workers was having her last day.  She speaks really good English and always talks to us, so my friend and his friend got her a little cake and drinks to celebrate.  We ate with her at the cafe (cake with chopsticks - it was an experience) and just chatted.  It was really nice!  We're hoping to meet up for drinks after finals and before we all leave the country.

Anyway, then it was like midnight so I hurried home because I actually had class the next day.

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