Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Wednesday, June 17

Woke up, studied a bit, went to Dunkin' to get some more substantial breakfast than a poptart, and went to the game theory classroom.  Googled some stuff I figured might be on the exam (hint: nothing I studied was).  The exam itself went... okay?  Definitely didn't know how to do everything correctly, but I made an honest effort, wrote about 3 pages, and explained a lot more of what I was thinking than on the midterm.

Walking out after turning it in was so refreshing, especially after I realized I'm done with my undergraduate.  Sure, I'll have to do some paperwork to get this all figured out, but I don't have to take anymore classes.  I never have to take a college class again if I so choose.  I've already got a job lined up that starts in a month and a half, so I'm basically going to have to become a real adult now :P  But knowing that there's no more meaningless busy work or things of that nature is so nice.  Everything I learn now will be related to my career.  And even better, if I decide to take classes I can take whatever I want.  I can finally study the things I want to study, and I'll honestly have more free time than I've ever had before.

Plus, I'm moving to Madison, which is, of course, where UW-Madison is located.  And what's so special about that?  Well, it's a great language school, that offers both Dutch and Korean.  So, I can find out of school study groups for both languages, and possibly find some great resources to keep up my skills in each language (and improve them because they both definitely need that).

Anyway, after the exam I took the subway to Wangsimni, bought tickets to Jurassic World, and then just shopped for a bit to kill time.  My friend met me at the theater and we watched the movie in 4D, which is watching it in 3D but the chairs move and there's wind and things like that.  I was a bit disappointed because they advertise saying there's water (didn't feel any :<), lightning (no lightning in the movie :<) and such as well, but oh well.  It was just a fun way to end the day.

Back to the dorm, played some games, relaxed a bit, and now getting ready for a sleep where I have absolutely no reason for having to get up.

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