Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 114: Last Game Theory lecture!

Saturday, June 13

Slept in (sooooooo nice!), got ready, and went to the last game theory lecture!  Technically it was a study session held by one of the TA's, but it was still about 1.5 hours long so I'm calling it a lecture.  They actually spoke in English this time!- I was afraid I'd get kicked out again because the TA the first time didn't speak English.  But luckily this TA could, so I was able to learn what the correct answers were for the last homework set.  And man, I needed that help.

Got some food, went back to the dorm.  Studied a bit, napped a bit, studied some more.  More Korean than game theory which is probably good since Korean is a lot of rules and the game theory teacher said he'd pass me, but I still don't want to rely on the game theory teacher unless I have to.  It'd be 
such a bummer if I did badly and he decided to fail me (and probably half the class along with me since half of us failed the midterm anyway...)

But yeah, lots of studying with a liberal amount of breaks thrown in and staying up too late talking to people.

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