Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 100! Naps and Walks

Saturday, May 30

100 days already!

Woke up early with the intention of doing things.  Packed my bag and went to the PC bang for a bit to game/chat with people, and make it a bit later since a lot of places don't open till 10, so I figured I could play for a while.  Well, after a few fun games, it was around 11 aaaaand it was raining.  Just gloomy and rainy and gross.  I didn't want to walk around in that, especially with my camera, so I went back to my room.

Ended up watching things on youtube, working on my Korean speech a bit, and then finally taking a nap.  I woke up around 430, and it wasn't raining, buuuut most of the things I wanted to see closed at 6 and would take a bit to get to, so I couldn't do that.  I still wanted to make myself get out of the dorm (since I'm not here for that much longer), so I went to Dongdaemun.  Just ate some stall food (one was like a corndog with french fries on it) and of course my crepe (I'm pretty sure he recognizes me now...) and then walked around.

I found a really nice area with the old city wall and some other things, so I just walked around there.  Some really beautiful scenery, which was cool to see in the city.  I ended up walking back to Anam along the stream.  However, at one point, there was a break - another stream joined up.  I honestly had no idea which one I had to take.  I ended up asking an older man in Korean where the school was, and he pointed me in the right direction.

The city wall

The city
Well, walked that way for another 15 or 20 minutes, before I felt like I was getting closer.  I was about to stop to look at signs when I saw the old man in front of me - he got in front because I kept stopping to take pictures.  He waved me over and pointed up the steps, so that was super sweet of him.  I went up, and then kind of looked around the intersection trying to figure out where to go.  I hesitantly started walking one direction, when I heard a shout.  He came up the steps too on the other side of the intersection and had googled the directions!  He pointed at the road I need, so that was super nice.

Ended up back at the dorm, which was great.  Just showered, relaxed, and went to bed.

Also, this is my post from my 100th day in Belgium.  I forgot that that was my first day of Dutch lessons!  I remember how upset I was that it took that long for Rotary to finally let me enroll.  Oh, and this is my post from this day 3 years ago.  It's crazy to think about!  I can't believe how motivated I was with my online class too - I wish I had that much energy towards school now.  But now, as this is actually my fifth year of college, I'm just done.  Just barely over 2 weeks and I'm DONE with undergrad (baring any tragedies with grades).  I'M SO EXCITED TO BE DONE WITH ALL THIS.

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