Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day 99: Acupuncture and Naps

Friday, May 29

Went to Finance, had like 20 minutes of class, and then we had a guest speaker.  The speaker was educated in the US and England but wanted to give his speech in Korean, so I got to leave early, score!  Mailed my letter, and then went to the PC cafe for a bit.  Went to acupuncture for the first time in a while, which felt really nice, but I almost fell asleep during it so I decided to not sight see like I was planning and just go back to the dorm and study/do homework.

That... ended up not happening.  Couldn't get myself to focus - I'm SO close to being done, I've went hard before, but it seems like every ounce of my motivation is just gone.  I still need to pass these three classes (all minus dance) to graduate, so I can't be done just yet but getting the motivation is pretty hard right now.

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