Friday, May 8, 2015

Day 76: Classes again :(

Day 76: Wednesday, May 6

After a long weekend, back to the life that is being a university student.  Woke up early for Finance, turned in my homework and sat in the study session for the exam.  It didn't really help (which I didn't expect it to, after what it was like last time), but I figured that it was better to be safe than sorry.  Studied a bit and then game theory.  Guess what?  HE ANSWERED QUESTIONS IN ENGLISH!!  And even better, it helped me understand a concept he taught in class I was iffy on!  This is so neat!

Pretty tired, ended up taking a nap and missing Korean.  Whoops~  Still went to my drum club though, since I woke up in time for that (yayy roommates waking you up).  It was fun - we talked about (I think?) our performance - it was in Korean and when I was asked to speak, I just pointed to a guy who said a lot before me and said "I agree with him".  They thought it was pretty funny.  But then afterwards we went out to barbecue!  It was so nice, it felt so comfortable and fun.  I couldn't understand a lot but I didn't feel left out because of it, I felt like part of the group.  It was so nice :)  I asked for a tissue in Korean and the person I asked was so excited I was speaking some Korean with them, it was fun :P
Sooo good, we have 6 trays of meat

Look.  Look at how delicious that is.

It was pretty late when I got home, and after drinking for the first time in forever I decided to skip studying and just shower and go to bed.

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