Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 87: Baseball Game!

Sunday, May 17

So I'm kinda far behind because it's been a tiring week, so quick recaps~

Woke up, met at Dunkin Donuts (this will be a theme), and planned the day.  Kyle felt sick so he went back to his room.  I went back to the dorm and we planned to meet up again a bit before the game to get the subway there.  Met mom there (she was across the street - I tried yelling at her to get her attention, no dice.  But, the guy next to her heard me and my friends yelling, so he tentatively tapped her on the shoulder to show her we were waiting), and ended up waiting an extra 10 minutes since Kyle felt up to joining us.

Went to the baseball stadium, and it was GREAT.  Bought some KFC to bring into the game, had nice seats, and just enjoyed it.  A player on the Twins is "Jack Hannahan", who bounced around the majors and minors before coming to Korea this last December.  And wouldn't you know it, he's from St. Paul!  So we bought jersey's with his name on it because a) they're a great quality, b) they're cheap, and c) great memory.

We decided we felt up to doing more, so we went to Seoul Forest to walk around.  That was really fun, it was just beautiful there and we got some nice pictures.  Came back to Anam and had Korean BBQ for the first time - Mom was so bad with chopsticks one of the servers just brought her out a fork :P  The food was great, Kyle and I went out for a beer after, and then we went to our respective places.

Seoul Forest

With our new jersey's

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