Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 86: Mom and Kyle arrive!

Saturday, May 16

So, around 440 am Mom and Kyle's flight landed, and then around 530 they made it through security and baggage!  I bought myself some breakfast quick (they weren't hungry) and off we went on the subway back to Anam.  We got to the hostel and honestly it was pretty bad - I had to call two different cell phones for someone to even let us in, they didn't seem to have us on the schedule, and we had to pay up front (in cash), which wasn't advertised for us before.

But, we dropped their stuff off, mom showered, and then went to look around campus.  We walked up the big hill to my dorm, walked around the main campus by me.  It was still super early and they had energy, so we decided to go to Dongdaemun since it's so close by.  Well, the malls didn't open until after we got there, so that was interesting.  Most of the stalls were closed still, but they got to see what it was like.

Everyone started crashing around then, so we went back to Anam, had some lunch, and everyone went to nap.  We ended up crashing for a long time.  I met up with the head of my KUBA group because I couldn't understand the website to buy baseball tickets (in Korean) - I felt better when HE had trouble with it too.  By then it was 10pm, Kyle and Mom just woke up so we went to get chicken and beer before getting some more sleep.

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