Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day 94: Mom and Kyle leave :c

Sunday, May 24

Last day of Mom and Kyle in Korea :c

We decided to not get Dunkin and instead just walked around and ate elsewhere.  Kyle and I had seen a cat cafe before when we had walked around for a few hours.  It was getting hot and we were thinking about turning back, but we finally found it!  But, of course, it was closed until 1pm :(

We went back to the hotel (we already had checked out), grabbed our bags, and a worker showed us to where the airport shuttle bus/limo was going to pick them up.  And lucky for us, the bus showed up a minute after we got there; barely made it!  So, of course though, that meant our goodbyes were really short, just a quick hug and they were on their way.

I took the subway back to Anam, uploaded pictures, and just messed around.  Played some videogames for the first time in a while, caught up on some studying, and did my game theory homework that was due the next day.  Pretty productive actually!

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