Friday, May 1, 2015

Day 69: Real classes

Day 69: Wednesday, April 29

Basically a normal day of classes.  Finance in the morning (uuugh waking up early again, I need to get to bed earlier) a break, and then game theory.  Found out I did absolutely horrid on my midterm.  I mean, half the class failed, but still, never done that badly on an exam before.  Spent the whole class period thinking about options - if I don't pass the class, I don't graduate.  But, taking an online class from NDSU would be money, so I was just thinking about if there is any way to guarantee passing, or if I could petition NDSU to make my thesis from last semester count for more credits (instead of the 2 I got for it...)

Ate, and then Korean class.  The teacher made me do like 3 exercises in a row with her because I said what we were learning was easy and everyone else said it was hard.  Luckily I knew enough words to make it work, but man, I don't want to tell her things make sense anymore, I hate being put on the spot like that :P

More drum group - this time I got to practice the music to the dancers/performers which was definitely a new experience!  So much fun; we went till it was really dark out, but we definitely need more practice before Saturday.  Just relaxed at night, studied a bit.  Attempted to sleep at a normal time but apparently that's not in the cards.

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