Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day 68: Drumming once again

Day 68: Tuesday, April 28

Slow morning of skyping and relaxing before dance class!  Man, it was really fun today.  Just doing the cha cha cha the whole class, switching partners, and at the end actually having the guys and girls switch roles.  Really exhausting though, but in a good way.  I'm actually starting to get keen on the idea of taking a dancing class when I get back stateside; I'm having so much fun with this!

Showered quick and then went to Korean.  Pretty hard to not doze off in class - it's just everything aligns perfectly to make you sleepy: 5pm, warm but not too warm room, comfy chairs, easy voice to listen to.  Afterwards, I went to the drum/dance group for a crash course on how to play the buk.  It's really simple, and the rhythms were really easy to pick up.  I think they were impressed by how I picked it up, but I told them I've been drumming for like 8 years and playing music for probably 13, so if I couldn't pick up basic rhythms I'd be pretty disappointed with myself.

Essentially I get to make up what I play as long as I follow the basic pattern, follow the dancer, and follow the lead of the other players.  Its' definitely a new type of experience in playing for me, so that's just super fun.

That went on for a few hours before I went back, had some dinner, and just chilled out for a bit before bed.

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