Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day 48: Game Theory...

Had a restful (but not long enough!) sleep last night, so that was wonderful.  Went to Finance, learned some things, and then saw that I got 80/100 on my exam!  Which is pretty good, considering I honestly didn't know the answer to one question (25 points) and another I skipped steps to just arrive to the conclusion.  So that was nice!

Went home, studied a bit, played a game, started laundry, and then went to Game Theory.  I sat by the other exchange student I met before so she could copy my notes from the day she missed.  Well, today people were asking a lot of questions, and AT LEAST a solid 30 minutes of the lecture were in Korean.  AT LEAST.  I almost fell asleep at one point.  I think the teacher talked about us during it, because he said something about Korean (I knew that word) and then a bunch of people turned to look at us and it seemed like they laughed after.  I'm not fond of this class at all.

Went back home, finished up laundry and then went off to Korean.  I ran into a classmate on the walk there so we started talking - the first time we've actually talked, even though we see each other 4 times a week.  He plays the same game I'm playing a lot here, so we went to a PC cafe afterwards to play, and then went out to eat and talk.  So now I have another friend to game with and I know of a new place to to eat that's cheap~

Back at the dorm, I decided to finally go back to the gym again (after stopping since I started being sick).  Still weaker than I was before, but at least I'm going back at it.  Just read some stuff online, and now to go to bed early and sleep in tomorrow~  I washed my sheets so any yuckiness from when I was sick should be gone, using a new toothbrush now and throwing out the one that I used when I was sick, so hopefully I can get fully better soon!

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