Monday, April 27, 2015

Days 62: Mongolia!

So, I wasn't able to get online with a laptop till I got back from the trip so I couldn't post - it's impossible typing that much on a phone - so I'm going to try to get all my Mongolia posts up ASAP.  Breaking it up day by day so it's not overwhelming to read.  Hopefully I'll have them all up and be up to date in a few days!

Day 62: Wednesday, April 22

Started the morning tired and upset that I was going to have to go to game theory later. Attempted studying more, which meant I read through my notes again and realize how angry I was writing all of them. I went to the phone store to try to get data - mine is set to run out before I return from Mongolia, but the guy helping me didn't understand I wanted to pay for next months data, and just kept saying "But you have some left! " so I just dropped it and left.

Got some food, and it was such a nice day I ate it outside and it was just a gorgeous.

Went to the game theory classroom and studied with the other exchange student, which was essentially just us whining about how we don't understand the lectures. The exam itself was.... Odd? One of the questions I swear had a mistake on it (it used "respectively" in regards to only one thing) but when I asked the TA giving the exam he said it was correct. Oh, and the TAs also said things in Korean a few times during the exam, so who knows what that was all about.

Anyway, I finished earlier than I was planning so, I went up to my room to relax for a minute before heading out. Took the subway to the airport, and when I was waiting in one I almost ended up in a comedy sketch? The director asked if I wanted to be in it (they needed an English speaker to try to guess what the comedian was pantomiming about)  but then they started to run late for their flight and had to skip that shot :P so close to my five seconds of fame!

Had a bit of a snafu with the boarding pass and such, but since I was there early enough I still had time to get through and sit.  The flight was good (watched Exodus, which was fun!) and then landed in Mongolia!  The guy who runs the hostel picked me up, I texted people a bit when I got there (yayy wifi!) and then went to sleep.

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