Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 60: Korean Midterm

Woke up, and then just studied Korean.  I had emailed my Game Theory teacher to see if he would answer questions in English during the class today so I could understand, and he just responded that he won't be in his office until Wednesday.  Uh... okay?  But it was a good studying day since it was so gloomy in the morning.

So gloomy
So I was hesitant on the way to class.  Stopped to get a soda and snacks since I only had toast so far, and the lady scolded me and said I needed to eat a real meal for energy - of course that was the first full conversation I've had in Korean.  At game theory, and it was really sparse.  Like, it's usually full about 10 minutes before class, and there were like, 3 people there, none of which I recognized and all just studying.  The other exchange student showed up and we just waited - no one else came in the room.  Teacher wasn't there.  Soooo we're thinking he said something in Korean about there not being class today?

Anyway, just went and got a real lunch after that - I wasn't going to sit in the room past when class was going to start on the off chance he'll show up and speak Korean.  Went to my Korean room and just studied for the next 3 hours till the exam.  I think the exam itself went okay?  I know I spelled a few things incorrectly, but whatever, I did what I could.

Went back towards the dorm (nicer weather now!), went to the PC cafe to play at match, and then back.  Started getting things ready for my trip, did a bit of studying for game theory, chatted a bit, and went to bed.

How nice it was in the afternoon~

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