Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day 54: In which Kelsey essentially decides to never do yoga again

Ended up sleeping through yoga, but as I was still tired when I woke up later I think it was a good idea.  Did the normal waking up and getting ready routine, skyped a bit, and then went to dance.  It was my first time getting to dance with partners besides the one guy who speaks English!  It was actually really fun, and the dance we worked on is getting to be a bit easier for me, so I like that.  I may have to continue when I get home.

Showered, and then went to Korean.  We learned past tense today!  I can't believe it, we're moving so fast through grammar.  I don't think we learned past tense in Dutch until like 3 months in, that was was like 16 hours a week of lessons as opposed to 5 here.

Afterwards, met a friend for dinner.  We haven't seen each other since the start of the school year so we just got caught up and talked about our plans and what have you.  Really nice.  Got some waffles and icecream afterwards as well.  Worked on some homework and just chatted with people online until I went to bed.

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