Monday, April 6, 2015

Day 46: In which Kelsey finally cares about her health

Hey, I finally remembered to post this on the day of!  Go me!

Anyway, woke up early this morning, probably because I've just been thinking about class a lot.  I loved basketball class - drills were fun and just playing sports again was great!  But the running tore my throat up, and really made it impossible for me to breathe.  My inhaler was absolutely no help, I don't have a nebulizer here, and I'd rather not end up passing out from running up and down the court (which, honestly, almost happened a few times in drumline, but at least there I had full license to leave rehearsal until I felt better).  Heck, even when I was in basketball many years ago, it was the same, but the coach was able to rotate me out every minute to catch my breath.

After thinking about it, and getting multiple people's opinions on the issue, I decided it's best if I unofficially "drop" the class, ie, stop showing up and fail it.  It will have absolutely no impact on my GPA or graduation status (unless I somehow end up failing Korean AND another sport class on top of that), and really, the only reason I took it is because I couldn't get into rock climbing or martial arts - during registration I remember battling with the decision, because I knew my asthma was still bad.  I just don't want to hurt myself doing something dumb - I can easily play basketball back in the states, where I can explain to people involved that I physically have to stop sometimes.

So, I ended up taking the time I would have been in class to get acupuncture, which is something I've skipped lately when I was sick.  Instead of focusing on my shoulder I had them do my back, in hopes that during yoga tomorrow it will be a bit more flexible and not just hurt.  Had a kebab for lunch there, and then headed back to the dorms.  Just relaxed for a bit before going to game theory.  Our midterm is on the Wednesday of finals week (which people in KUBA said wouldn't happen...) so getting on my flight to Mongolia will be a quick transfer.  That's coming up soon!

Oh, and I learned that my Friday lecture for International Finance is actually a guest lecture - a spokesperson from Bank of Korea is coming in.  Students who go get extra credit, but none of the info is going to be on the exam.  Oh, and since he's giving the lecture in Korean exchange students (aka: moi) don't need to attend but we still get the extra credit.  Bonus~

Anyway, relaxed a bit and then went to Korean.  I did as bad on my quiz as I thought, but it's a good motivation that I need to study and can't just passively sit in class and ace it as I did for Dutch.  Probably has something to do with the Dutch lessons being 3 or 4x as long as the Korean ones :P  Afterwards, met my roomie Carol for dinner.  It was really fun!  We've never really talked besides asking about classes, even though we room together.  We went to a nice Korean place and just chatted, and we're planning on doing it again :)

Back home, emailed my basketball teacher about how my asthma is making me unable to be in class, learned that my relocation estimate for my job was approved (yes!), laid down a bit, emailed the hostel about picking me up from the airport (16 days!) and just chatted with people.  Carol and  I are going to attempt to go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight - we try and it never works out, but tonight I seriously want to!

Anyway, here's a long post to make up for all the short ones recently :P

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