Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Day 47: Back to Yoga

Didn't sleep well, so getting up for yoga was a huge chore.  I've missed the last two times, and it seems like the class size is cut in half - I don't know if that means other people are sick or if people just don't want to show up :P  It went better today - my back wasn't nearly as stiff as usual - but MAN.  After we do most of the class, she has us lay down and like, "feel our chakra" or something yoga-esque like that.  For like, what I'd think is at the very least 10 minutes.  This is at 1030 in the morning when I'm exhausted.  I get so close to falling asleep, and I have to keep opening my eyes and looking around the classroom to make sure I didn't just fall asleep and miss the end of class.  It's horrible because it's perfect conditions to fall asleep - relaxing music, just stretched, laying down, still tired.  But I can't fall asleep, it's so hard :<

Anyway, afterwards I came back to the dorm, napped a bit, had lunch, and went to dance.  It was fun as always!  Touched on quite a few dances, and worked on samba and tango and cha-cha-cha.  Today was a lot of moving your hips, and it was just so awkward for everyone.  No one in class was good at it, there was a lot of laughing and exaggerated booty moving and more laughing from that.  Another kid in class, besides my dance partner, talked to me today :)  I feel so happy when people try to explain things to me in English that I don't understand, even if they can't speak English well.  It's so nice that they try and they're always so embarrassed after when it was actually pretty good and it just makes me smile.

Afterwards, went back to the dorm to shower, forced myself to stay awake, and then went to Korean class.  Learned a different way of counting and how to say our age, which was kind of difficult.  I definitely need to study numbers again...  The camaraderie in the class is just great, it's so much fun to just talk to everyone before and after class.  It reminds me a bit of my Dutch classes at the CVO, though just not as intimate (probably because it's like, 12 less hours a week).  I'm still FB friends with a lot of the ladies from my Dutch class - it's a bummer I didn't meet them this winter but it's still fun to see how their lives are going.

Went home after class, played a game to stay up until a reasonable dinner time, got dinner and caffeine, and then studied Korean.  I should have studied game theory, but hey, if I have the motivation to study something, I'm not going to let that go to waste.  Apparently my drum group doesn't meet tomorrow (which is great for me~) but they're having a party on Thursday night (which is great for me~), so that's pretty cool.  I'm pretty sure I'm only going to join the drum group and no other clubs (ie, dance club and band).  I just want to have free time this year, so not having to stay at school in clubs until 9pm every night (and then probably going out with people after for dinner/drinks) every night of the week will be nice.  

Just relaxing a bit, going to study a bit more before bed.  I can't wait until tomorrow is done - then I only have a 5pm class Thursday and a 3 day weekend, when I'm starting to feel better no less!  I'm so glad I feel a bit better - I think I just need more cough syrup and to wear contacts so I can wear a mask outside and I'll be fine now.  Loving how the senior slide is turning out though!

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