Sunday, April 12, 2015

Day 51: Errands and not much else

Woke up around 10 so I could get my errands out of the way before the KUBA event at 4.  And, of course I ended up coming home around 4pm from errands because it took way longer than expected.  So it goes when I don't speak Korean :P

Anyway, wasn't feeling the greatest, so I just showered and napped instead of going cherry blossom viewing again.  I saw the pictures afterwards and it definitely didn't seem like there were many cherry blossoms there, and there were entirely too many people so I didn't miss much.

Just relaxed some, and then tried to get to bed early.  The air is pretty dry here compared to back home and my throat wasn't having any of it, so we'll see how that ends up.  Sleeping with my cough drops within arms reach.

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