Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day 67: Back to School

Day 67: Monday, April 27

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I'm so glad I don't do basketball anymore so I was able to sleep in in the morning.  Got up, chilled a bit, and then went to game theory.  Exam results weren't back yet :(  Just chilled out more during the day, and then went to Korean.  I got 80/100 on my midterm!  Like 15 points taken off were spelling things (writing 재민 instead of 재미, etc), and 5 for grammar which was totally my fault because I do know that concept.  But overall pretty good!

Did a bit of shopping after - the store where I buy my stationary/cutesy things seems like it's closing down so I bought some cheap things there.  Had to write my dance paper in Korean which was a lot of google translate to get the right verbs and nouns and then fixing up the grammar myself.  Pretty fun though :)

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