Monday, April 13, 2015

Day 53: Birthday!

Birthday today!

Last night, after I posted, I actually ended up waking up again, realizing I had barely ate, so I went to the store to get a quick dinner and something to have for breakfast.  While there, I ran into a guy I met at the gym, who graciously gave me some medicine for my throat which helped a bit.  Ate the dinner and then back to bed.

Woke up, and skyped Joe and Collin & Co for the majority of the morning.  Took time getting ready, actually put in my contacts, and went to class.  Of course, the reason for the contacts was just so I could wear a mask over my mouth and nose without fogging up my glasses, but it's probably a good habit to get back into.

Game theory went pretty bad today, but I was able to space out so that's nice.  Majority of the class was in English today but he kept writing the problem wrong and apparently my contacts prescription is worse because I couldn't read anything on the board today, so  I just decided to not care today.  It's not like anything makes sense there anyway~

Got some tylenol cold from the pharmacy (less than $1.50 for the packet of 10!), went back to nap for a bit, and then went to Korean class.  A few classmates knew it was my birthday so they said it, so that was nice :)  Three of my roommates and I went out to eat at a Korean BBQ place and it was great!  We ate soo much and it was only about $7 a person.  It was just nice to get us out and talking again; since our suite doesn't have a common room it's hard to all hang out together.

It was raining hard when we walked back, and Jasmine cut off from the group to buy some stuff for herself.  Back to the dorm, just relaxed for a bit and then there was a knock on my bedroom door.  And surprise!  They had bought me a cake for my birthday :)  We went out and ate it in the lobby, since our suite doesn't have a living room.  It was pretty good - cookies and cream cheese, which sounds weird but it worked.

Back to my room, did a bit of homework and gaming, and then skyped Joe again.  Gonna get ready for bed - I'm hoping I feel better in the morning but if not, hey, I don't need to pass yoga!

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