Sunday, April 12, 2015

Day 52: Aaand sick again

Pretty sure my body hates me, seeing as how I'm not sick again, less than a week after the last time.  I'm fairly certain it has a lot to do with how low the humidity is here, so after taking some time to skype and get up slowly, I trekked down to the homeplus to buy a humidifier.  And guess what?  It's the second Sunday of the month, meaning it's closed -_-

So I had to get back to the dorm, and I just wasn't feeling it.  Had some bibimbap for takeout and then sat in the shower for like an hour to get some steam to try and make my throat better.  Really didn't feel up to anything else after that.  It's 8pm and while I should do homework, it's just not going to happen.  This makes me happy at least that I decided to not go to basketball anymore - no class until 2pm tomorrow!

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