Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Day 40: In which Kelsey finally gets meds

Woke up early enough for class but felt horrible.  I tried to do a yoga pose always do in class when I was in bed and I didn't have the strength to keep myself up doing it, so I just skipped class.  I got an extra like 3 hours of sleep, so I think it was worth it.  Felt horrible getting up then, but my roomie bought me some meds since she speaks Korean and could buy them!  Just some cough syrup and sleeping pills so I can actually get through the night without waking up (and get to bed without laying there for an hour first).

Got up for dance, which was nice.  We did more on the waltz, and then did some on samba, tango and other latin dances.  Super tiring though.  Showered and went to Korean, where I fell asleep in class (so fatigued :c ).  But hey, I got the attendance points for class and that's what matters.  Met a classmate to work on the finance homework, but I left shortly after because I was exhausted and just needed food and caffeine.

Got both of those, and then worked on Finance until 1am.  Still don't understand a few of the concepts (which aren't covered in the book and there are no lecture notes), so hopefully the exam review session tomorrow will be helpful.

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