Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day 39: Study day

My roommate getting ready woke up me in the morning, and with how I was feeling I was sure skipping basketball was a good choice; I would not have been able to do drills, let alone do a 5v5 match.  Slept a bit more, woke up, played some games and did a bit of studying.  By 2pm when I went to Game Theory I was already exhausted :/

After class, I went straight to the building where I have Korean, where I met up with a classmate from Finance to talk about the homework.  We just talked about what we were having troubles with and agreed to meet tomorrow.  Tried to work on it and some Korean before class, but I started to nod off in the chair.

Korean class was normal, really tired so it was hard to grasp what she was saying.  Afterwards, I went to get a quick meal from the Burger King that just opened on campus - I hadn't eaten since before Game Theory and I needed to eat quick.  I actually ran into the head of my KUBA group there, and he helped me listen for my number being called with my order.

After that, went to the polysci/econ building for a game theory study session with a TA - he was going to explain the answers to the homework, which I was looking forward to.  The first thing he said was "does anyone here not speak Korean?" and of course I was the only one to raise my hand, so he asked me to leave for about 40 minutes so he could teach it in Korean (which I understand) and then come back for a 1 on 1 session after.  So I left, dropped some stuff of at the dorm, got my mail, and then went back.

The session was pretty brief because his English wasn't that good, but he said he'd email me the notes so I could look it over more closely on my own.  Essentially, I WAS RIGHT ABOUT SOME ANSWERS IN THE FACT THERE WASN'T A CORRECT ANSWER OR THE QUESTION DIDN'T ALLOW FOR THE CORRECT ANSWER.  So now I don't know for that class, if he asks us a question and I don't understand I'm just going to assume it's because it's a trick question.  I've always hated when teachers did that.

Anyway, back at home I played a game quick, did some studying, and then waited till around 1230 for my roomie to go to bed so I could sleep.

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