Saturday, March 14, 2015

Day 22: Korea Club

Only the one class today, International Finance.  I actually really enjoy it, even if it does mean I have to wake up on a Friday (most exchange students don't have Friday classes at all).  Mailed a letter out after, and then went to Itaewon for another acupuncture appointment.  Honestly, it really has been helping my shoulder, even if it starts to hurt again by the end of the week, it's nice to have that relief for a while.

Though it does give me some marks for a few days after
Stopped in the T-Bell afterwards to try it out - tastes different from back home for sure, and I don't think in a good way.  But at least now I know not to go there (unless I'm going to try some of their different selections, a few did look good...)  Went back to my dorm to chill and just talk to people for a while before going to a Korea Club meeting.  Essentially it seems like it's the same as KUBA, but people who aren't students at KU can join too.  Got a buddy for that group, learned about the activities they're going to do (they all look fun!)  Everyone went out to eat/drink afterwards, but I had a cup noodle before going so I wasn't going to spend $10 to just sit around; I can always meet up with them the next time.

Went to the gym at the dorm, and then had a nice conversation with Heidi about everything - it was nice getting to talk about home and rodeos and all the places in the States I've been to.  Took a shower after and then went to bed pretty soon after.

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