Monday, March 23, 2015

Day 32: Ballroom Dance Club!

Got to sleep in until 830, so that was nice.  Had breakfast and the usual morning routine, and then went to basketball class.  Oh man, that was challenging today.  We started with passing and dribbling practice, which was okay, and then moved onto passing drills, which I somehow was able to understand without too much trouble.  But then we played 5v5 matches.  Hooooo boy.  I had forgotten how much breathing absolutely hurts me when I have to run.  After my groups first match I just laid on the group and tried to get my breathing under control before our next one.  It's gonna be an interesting class from now on :P

Grabbed some lunch at the convenience stop (aka, bought kimbab like always because it's like $2 with a drink), showered, and then tried to study some game theory, which didn't work because I was exhausted.  Bought a Mountain Dew to stay awake and went to game theory class.  It went... okay.  I talked to someone sitting by me!  I realize by now that most students won't talk to me first, so if I want to make friends (or at least acquaintances) in class, I need to step up.  Honestly though, I just asked because I wanted to see how someone else was trying the homework problems :P

I actually talked to the teacher after class, and apparently the questions are for like, GRADUATE LEVEL STUDENTS and he just wants us to give at least like 3-4 hours per questions (so like 12-16 hours for the one homework assignment) to try different ways to figure it out.  And it's just dumb.  And I'm tired of ranting about it, so I won't continue.

Anyway, back to the dorm after, relaxed a bit, and then Korean class.  We can finally do like full sentences and we're learning some fun grammar, so that's nice.  I'm glad we're finally doing something in class.  Afterwards, I went to top up data on my phone (since my data is all done since it's been a month) buuuut apparently I still need my passport to do it, so I didn't get it done.  Lame.  Didn't have time to eat before going to ballroom dance club!  It was really fun.  Just talked to quite a few nice people.  We learned how to waltz today!  Good prep for going to my actual dance class tomorrow~

Anyways, I'm super tired so I'm just going to skip homework and studying tonight and attempt to get to bed early.  Hopefully it works!

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