Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day 19: Yoga is hard

Got to the gym a bit early for yoga, considering I didn't know what gym room it was in.  It was really great!  We actually did yoga and stretching, but oh my goodness we stretched things my body doesn't want to stretch, and it threw a fit about it.  Felt like I was about to get muscle spasms in my back.  So,  it's probably a great thing I'm in yoga to try and fix how horribly tight it is.

Class got out at around 11 instead of 1150, so I went back and chilled at my dorm for a bit before meeting up with Group 1 for lunch.  Apparently it's going to be a weekly thing now - lunch on Tuesday and dinner on Monday - but I'm pretty sure I'm only going to go to one seeing as how they cost money and eating out two meals in a row seems a bit excessive.  But the place we went today was great, the typical "Korean style" of meal where everything is shared with the table.

Went up to dance class after the lunch and, of course, we didn't dance again.  We actually watched a movie in Japanese with Korean subtitles and enough glare on the screen I couldn't really make out what was happening.  My dance partner in the class told me we have to write a one page paper about how we compare to a character in the movie, so I'm going to be relying pretty heavily on google translate and imdb to learn the plot.

Korean class afterwards, where we learned consonants.  Pretty simple, since I actually had studied that over the summer and it was one of the few things I remember studying.  Nice to have a bit of a break.  Otherwise, just chilled out and talked with  my roommates and had dinner.  Finally did my laundry, so thankfully that's taken care of now.  There's a free iron in the basement (as opposed to the washers and dryers we pay for) so I was able to iron the collars of my shirts, which was really nice.  Couldn't do that at school!

Anyway, time to get ready for tomorrow - game theory :(

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