Sunday, March 8, 2015

Day 17: Relaxation (The Sunday Theme)

Pretty sure that's going to be the title of all of my Sunday posts :P

Got up, skyped for hours, had some ramen, and then finally changed clothes to go outside.  It was like 60 degrees, I was so warm!  Everyone else still had jackets on and I'm just walking around in a tank top, marveling at the heat.  I found where the gym is so hopefully I'm able to find my basketball class tomorrow.  Went to the Daiso (essentially the dollar store/target) to get some lotion - for some reason I've got horribly dry skin like never before my heels and ankle are cracked really bad - and then back to the dorm.

Took a nap, relaxed more, had some dinner, went to the gym for a bit, and then back to the room.  Just going to bed to hopefully be rested for my first *real* day of classes tomorrow!

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