Sunday, March 1, 2015

Day 9: Dog Cafes

Woke up slow, and then met up with Terry (a girl from Holland I hung out with on the city tour) and we went to Hongdae to see the sheep cafe!  I was super excited - the pictures of the place online show the sheep IN THE CAFE and they looked adorable and fluffy and amazing.  Well, we get there and it's just two sheep outside and you can't even go in the enclosure and pet them, and no sheep in the cafe.  Total disappointment.

But they were cute

So, instead we went to a dog cafe which was SO WORTH IT.  You just had to pay for one drink (~$7), wear sandals they supplied and use hand sanitizer before going in and then you got to be with the dogs!  There were so many and they were so cute - as soon as you sat on the floor they just came and sat in your lap, it was adorable.

After probably two hours in the cafe, we went and just walked around Hongdae.  We actually came across a FREE place that let us try on Hanboks (traditional Korean dresses) and take pictures in a little scene.  It was super fun.

Just walked around more, had some street food (I got a kebab), did a bit of shopping, and ended up getting a bit lost.  It wasn't a big deal, we just kept walking and actually ended up at a different train station than the one we started at.  I went back to the dorm and Terry went to a different place to meet some other people.  When I was walking back to the dorm from the subway station I actually ran into my roommate Jasmine and we ended up meeting her friend and going to get ramen for supper.

Finally made it back to the dorm, found out my basketball teacher emailed me back so I FINALLY know where the classroom is.  Thank goodness, because it's my first class on Monday.  Chilled out a bit at the dorm and then went to sleep, so pretty productive day!

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