Sunday, March 22, 2015

Day 31: Homework and laziness

Woke up this morning and started skyping like usual.  I was really itching to have pizza delivered because I didn't want to change, and I only had one thing of cup noodle left in my room, and pizza would be something I could eat all day so I wouldn't have to leave the dorm.  Well, the delivery was dumb and for some reason I couldn't get my address to enter, so I had to settle for cup noodle :(

After skyping, I took a small nap - I'm still feeling sick, though thankfully not as bad as yesterday.  Woke up, and tried to work on game theory.  The teacher responded to one of the questions I emailed him about - essentially, the way he wrote the question was just wrong because he used the wrong English words and it was impossible to do what he originally asked.  I just do not like that class.  But! when I was going through my notes, I remembered that he told us that we don't get graded on the correctness of the homework, just if it is completed or not.  Sooooo I can just write down the wrong answers (or what I believe could maybe be the right answer) and not get docked points from it.  I just want to understand so I don't fail the exams...

After working on that and finance for a bit, I decided it was time to go out and get dinner.  When I was on the way down I ran into Heidi, so we went out together!  Had some super cheap meal which wasn't that good, but hey, it was like $3 so I can't really complain.  Back to the dorm, switched to studying Korean for a bit, and then just some relaxing.  I can't believe the weekend is already over; I feel like I still need way more rest.

Oh, and I'm done with 1/4 of my exchange already!  On one hand it feels like I've been here for ages, but on the other it feels like I've just arrived.  I have so much left that I want to do, I need to get on it.  Only 91 days left!  With the Mongolia trip and my mom and brother coming, I'm sure the time is going to fly by.

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