Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day 18: Never do leg day before Basketball

While everyone else was getting ready for their 9am classes, I got to sleep in a bit.  So happy that basketball doesn't start until 940!

I still went a bit early, to make sure I found the right gym.  It was a little nerve wracking at first, but I showed my syllabus to another kid in the class, and he said I was in the right place, so that's good.  Class was great!  We started with some stretches, and then we got thrown into it.  Today was all about dribbling and ball handling and oh boy did we do that.  We practiced just throwing the ball back and forth between our hands - simple stuff.  And then we practiced doing that above our head - still simple.  And then doing that while walking - again, still simple.  And then we practiced passing the ball around ourselves, you know, when you kind of make the ball circle your body around the waist?  That was a bit harder.  And then doing that around our legs - even harder.  And then passing the ball around our legs in a figure eight - okay  now it was getting hard.  And then we had to do all of those while walking up and down the court.

It was insanely fun, but oh man it was tiring!  I haven't had to concentrate on my muscles and how to handle things like that since drumline last year, and that's a completely different set of muscles.  And having to lean down to weave the ball around our legs - I just about fell over since I worked my legs at the gym yesterday and they were still a bit sore.  Never doing leg day before basketball again, that's for sure!  We also practiced dribbling with each hand; that was easier but again, was working some muscles I haven't used in a long time.  Makes me wish I had stuck with basketball through middle and high school.

We ended at like 1120 (originally the class is scheduled 9-1150, but thankfully the teacher cut it down to just 2 hours), so people had time to shower before their next class.  I just went home to shower, ate a bit, and then got ready for game theory.  I swear, that class is going to make me go insane.  The teacher's accent is super hard to understand, and if people ask questions in Korean (which is normal), he answers them IN KOREAN (which is NOT normal as the class is taught in English) and only sometimes re-explains it in English.  Also his handwriting is atrocious - I couldn't tell if he was writing a comma, a multiplication dot, a 1 or an i.  Also his sigmas look like "b" or "G" which is wrong and I got so confused.  I ended up just tossing my pencil on my desk in a "fuck it, I'm done" manner, and the guy sitting next to me just laughed.  He helped clarify a few things for me after class though, so that was nice.

So I was really peeved after class, ended up just sitting in my room and venting to whoever would listen.  Went to Korean class - that was nice!  We learned vowels and some consonants, and the teacher seems really wonderful and enunciates perfectly and makes it easy to understand what she's saying and what we should say.  Really excited for this class!  Went back to the dorm, relaxed for a bit, went out for a quick dinner, and then back home.  I ended up studying game theory a bit on my own - the teacher has some notes online which makes much more sense than what he says, so I'm going through those and taking notes off of them.  May end up emailing an Econ teacher back at NDSU for supplemental notes if these aren't enough.

Oh, and I found out this morning my mom and oldest brother booked their tickets to come see me in May!  I'm super pumped, and I'm already figuring out what things we should do when they get here.

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