Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day 26: The day of exercise

Woke up, unfortunately still tired again.  As much as I need to start working on my game theory homework, I need to sleep early tonight.  Had some breakfast and then went to yoga.  I seriously feel like I should do acupuncture on my lower back after going to that class; my back is so tight and I'm so inflexible as compared to everyone else.  It feels good after class but during it, man, it hurts quite a bit.

Went to try to get a haircut but the place didn't have anyone who spoke English and they didn't seem too keen on trying to pantamime with me, so I just left.  Had some lunch, tried to relax.  Some bad news from back home so I opted to just lay down until my next class since I couldn't concentrate.  But dance was great today!  We actually started learning steps to a few different types of dances, and we even danced with partners at the end.  It's so much fun, and a lot easier than I thought it would be.  It really reminds me of drumline, like having set steps and directions to move and body and toe angles to worry about.  I really like it.

The guys practicing
Went home and showered after class because I definitely needed it, and the off to Korean!  Class was okay, learned some actual words and had a test, which went fine.  Had some food back at the dorm, and then went to the gym for a bit.  Had to take another shower, did some homework, and then went to bed at a more reasonable time.

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