Sunday, March 22, 2015

Day 30: Ice Skating

Slept in a bit, which was nice, and realized I was definitely starting to get sick, which was not nice.  Stayed in bed as long as possible.  At 3, I went to the ice skating rink with KUBA - that was a blast!  I haven't been ice skating in years but I managed to remember and get my balance fairly quickly.  A lot of people had never ice skated before, so for at least an hour of being there (we were there for two) I was holding people's hands and trying to help them around the arena, so that was fun.

Skipped out a bit early (and skipped the dinner) to eat something quick and then take a long nap.  Woke up, did some homework (I THINK I FIGURED OUT 25% OF A GAME THEORY QUESTION, GO ME), chatted a bit, had some dinner, and back to bed.  Pretty uneventful day.

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