Saturday, March 14, 2015

Day 23: War Museum

Ended up waking up at like 9 am, so like 3 hours before I wanted to, which was a bummer.  Had some breakfast (and then some cup noodles) when deciding what to do for the day.  My KUBA group was going to a trick museum, but I honestly don't like museums when you have to stay with a group (too crowded and you can't move at the pace you want), so I just skipped it.  Ended up texting my friend Jo to see if she wanted to meet up and go to the Korean War Museum.

So, we met on the subway, and then decided to go two stops further than the museum to go to get lunch, since we were both pretty hungry.  She had seem a place on TV that looked like it had amazing dumplings, so we wandered around trying to find it.  Well, we found the place, but they didn't actually serve dumplings anymore :P  Ended up walking for another hour trying to find a place to eat - we actually ended up in a giant mall.  We had some bibimbap, and it was great!  One of the older ladies working there actually helped us with the food, as she apparently thought we were mixing it together wrong :P  But really good food!

By now it was after 4, and the latest you can enter the museum is 5 (as it closes at 6), so we hurried up and walked over to it, barely making it in before 5.  It's really such a great museum - I'm definitely planning on going back.  We just walked around and looked and did usual museum things.  Once we got kicked out we took the subway to Dongdaemun strictly to get some crepes, and then continued all the way back to KU.  We ended up stopping at a convenience store for cup noodles and just talking, and one of her friends actually came in so he talked with us for a while too.  He's from Arizona, but apparently thought my Minnesota accent sounds... Scottish?  He didn't believe that I'm originally from the US because he thought my accent was too weird :P

After I went back to the dorm, worked out for a bit and then back to the room.  My legs are exhausted!  I'm so happy I can just relax tomorrow (and probably have to start on my homework again...)

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