Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day 33: Band!

Woke up this morning feeling really terrible still.  Had breakfast, and was just complaining to Joe online before getting ready for yoga.  I was saying how I hated how there was no syllabus because I couldn't see how many classes I could miss and still be able to get a good grade and pass it, when he reminded me that I actually don't need to pass.  I only need 8 credits from here to transfer back, and only 4 of them need to be upper level (ie, game theory and finance).  Those with Korean are 9 credits, so I really don't need to pass the sports classes.

Soooo, I ended up going back to bed for like 3 more hours, it was glorious.  Felt a bit better, had lunch, and went to dance class.  That was fun!  We learned more parts to a waltz and then started on tango which was HARD.  The steps were so fast ;_;  I can't wait to learn more though, it's such a fun class.

Back to the dorm, changed, and then bought some food and went to Korean class.  Still fun, but I was so tired during it.  The teacher seemed really concerned when I said I was sick, so I think that means it's okay if I don't show up tomorrow if I don't feel it (I can miss 10 Korean classes and still pass, probably not the best thing to realize...).

Afterwards, went to the wind orchestra club.  It was boring at first; just them playing and then talking Korean, and then all of us introducing ourselves (seriously, it took like AN HOUR I was so tired).  But, after that we got to try out the different instruments to see what we wanted to play.  I obviously went to trumpet (people were SO SURPRISED I've been playing for 11 years, and to me it's just like eh, I've just played since middle school).  I tried it out - my range is pretty bad now which makes sense after not playing consistently the last three years - and then one of the two trumpet players put some music in front of me to try.  I think I did pretty well for sightreading it - he joined along and we played through the bulk of the piece.  I'm pretty sure I'll join it, I miss playing horn and this would be a good way to get back into it (pretty sure I've found a place to play in Madison once I get there).

Anyway, went grocery shopping after that (aka, I bought cup noodle and microwave rice and cheap snacks for my closet).  Went home and just worked on game theory.  I'm so tired of that class already and we haven't even had classes for a month :<  Oh well.  Kind of finished the homework - I don't understand it and he's just grading if we did it or not, so I just tried to put words on the page to show I thought about it and still don't get it.  Hopefully that works.  It's almost midnight now and I still need to shower and get to bed.  I may opt out of Finance in the morning if I still feel gross; I just want to get over this so I can get energy back and actually enjoy my time here.

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