Monday, March 16, 2015

Day 25: I still hate game theory

Still really tired when I woke up, which goes to show I haven't been getting to bed as early as I've meant to the past few nights.  Whoops~  But I got to wake up a bit later as basketball was the start to my day, and it's only at 9.40.  It was such a great class.  I felt out of breath at points - not in the way I usually did during drumline where it just felt like breathing was the hardest thing in the world and super painful, but in the way where you know you're getting a workout but it doesn't hurt.  We did more ball handling and then worked on passing.  We eventually did a bit of a keep away game at the end (someone in my class talked to me!  He noticed I didn't understand what the teacher said about the game and explained it to me quickly~) and people passed to me!  And I did well!  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed playing basketball.

Went back home, showered, ate, and then sat waiting for the dreaded game theory to happen.  I just get so angry in the class.  I can't stand anything about it now.  My notes were mostly me just fuming and writing it down on paper since I couldn't read any of the equations he put up (not that it mattered since I have no idea why he was doing them or what they were for).  I asked him after class if he can write larger from now on so I can actually read it, so hopefully it happens.  Bought myself some icecream to treat myself for having gone to game theory, fumed a bit more at home, and then there was a fire drill.

Essentially we had to walk out of the building and down the street, stand around for a while when they were giving announcements in Korean, but then we got a free can of pop so I guess it was okay.  The weather is warming up quite nicely so I didn't need a coat at all outside which is just great.  Grabbed my stuff and went to Korean class.  We're still just learning pronunciation so that's kind of a pain - I just want to learn the language!  Killed time after class for a bit before going to get chicken and beer with group 1.  I ended up sitting with 3 great people and we just talked about everything and anything.  Really nice people.

Went home, studied some game theory and finance, tried to figure out some more details for my little break next month, and just relaxed a bit.  But going to bed now, two sport classes and going to the gym tomorrow!

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