Sunday, March 29, 2015

Day 38: Ordering Pizza!

Woke up after a pretty fitful sleep, got on skype, and then Joe and I decided to have a pizza date, as in, we both ordered pizza to our respective locations and ate together.  I thought it was great because that meant I didn't have to get dressed all day since I could just eat the pizza~

So good~
We talked, played some games, and worked on homework.  Once he left for bed I started more earnestly on my Finance homework since I finally felt awake enough to do things.  Unfortunately, I don't understand some of the questions, so I'm planning on doubling down on google and hoping the textbook I bought for the class have some of the answers.

Played some more games, ate more pizza, and just tried to relax.  Worked on Korean a bit (less than I should have, honestly), but so it goes.  Showered, more homework, and now it's midnight and I'm hoping I can get to sleep.  I'm planning on skipping basketball tomorrow because I know we'll do more 5v5 practice and running on a good day tears up my throat, so I don't want to have to tear it up more and make it a longer recovery time (plus the fact that last week I felt like I was going to collapse with all the running and not being able to breathe, so I figure I'll take it easy this week.).  I don't want to mess up me slowly feeling a bit better this weekend just for that, especially because it's a non-essential class for me.

Also, done with the pills I was given (because they only gave me 2 days dose...) so I have no idea what to do now.  Might see if my roommate will come with me to the pharmacy to see if there's any OTC stuff I can get.

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