Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Day 13: In which people drop Game theory

Got to experience my last "new" class for the semester, International Finance.  And oh boy, it seems like it's going to be tough.  The teacher handed out the first homework packet today and it barely resembles anything I've ever seen before in terms of math and general terms.  The teacher also stated that he got his undergrad in Math and hates speaking English and said he's really bad at it, so no one should attempt to learn English from the class.  So that's going to make it hard for me, because there were some things he said I couldn't understand.

But he is not NEARLY as bad as my game theory teacher.  Class today was... horrible.  He used a small microphone so we could actually hear him today, but he holds it too close and every time he enunciates it makes the mic crackle and you can't hear anything.  Even without that, I can only understand about half of the things he says, I honestly can't see how anyone who has English as a second language (namely, everyone else in the class) would be able to follow anything in the course.  And his handwriting is HORRENDOUS.  In game theory, there's a lot of math.  That means using subscripts after variables to denote what they're actually talking about.  Well, for his subscripts, I couldn't tell if it was a 1, 2, q, p, or an s (all of the subscripts possible).  Most of my notes are just general themes with the words "look it up online" underlined multiple times.  A few people just walked out of class, and I heard them saying how they were dropping because they couldn't understand what he was going on about.  I wish I could have done the same, but alas, I need 6 upper level credits to graduate.

Other than that, the day was good.  I went to a PC-bang, or a PC cafe between the two classes.  Essentially it's a place where you can rent a super fast computer, sit in comfortable gaming chairs, and just chill in a gaming environment.  I just played a game for an hour to make sure I could still connect to the North American servers (which I can!), so now I know I can play with people back home :)

Bought the textbooks I need (Finance and Korean) and then spent a lot of time chilling out at home.  The wind was around 15mph all day and even though it was around 30 degrees I just didn't want to spend time at street stalls exploring a new city since I only brought my spring jacket with.  People here think I'm crazy, but with a hat (which I'm kind of known for now, people recognize me because of the hat), warm mittens, and wool tights under jeans, having a light spring jacket is about enough to keep you warm.  Coming from Minnesota this really is spring weather at just around freezing, though I would use a heavier jacket at home for the wind.

I went out with three of my roomies (all of them except Carol, my new Chinese roomie) and Sofia's friend for dinner.  I brought them to where Cole took my first meal here, and it was still really good.  Going to turn in early tonight; I've got to get my alien registration card tomorrow and then off to Itaewon!

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