Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Day 12: In which Kelsey is wrong

So.... I do have a roommate.

Let's back up a bit.  Started the day like normal, had my toast and got ready for classes.  It snowed a bit on the way to class, which was awesoooome!  First off was Yoga, which was a HORRIBLE start to the day.  So yesterday the International One Stop Center called my teacher and asked what classroom I was in - they said 404 in the College Education building 2.  So I went there at 845, and by 9 NO ONE ELSE WAS THERE.  So I'm freaking out that she told me the wrong thing or I wrote down the wrong thing, when a student popped his head in.  I asked about yoga (I said "yoga?", that's it), and he held up fingers to show the room number to me.  I wasn't the last person to enter the room so that made me feel better.

In yoga I sat there for almost 2 hours of a lecture in Korean about... I don't know.  The teacher asked if I spoke Korean and I said no, so she threw me a bone every now and again by writing the English translation of some words on the board, which was nice.  Went back to my place for lunch, skyped my mom, relaxed, and then went off to Sports Dance.  In this class, the teacher actually designated one of the students to translate for me after class and be the go-between, which is awesome.  It's nice to actually know what's going on in one of these classes for once.

After class I went to buy sheets at the Home Plus, but they were expensive, so I just bought more food for my dorm.  I had the extra desk to store everything on, right?

WRONG.  I had put everything up and was just being bored and lazy in the dorm when suddenly like 5 people pop their head in my room.  My roommate, who is from China, is transferring from a different dorm.  And thus ends Kelsey's super lucky life in Korea :P  She left to hang out with friends, so I just made spaghetti and chilled by myself.  Eventually Jasmine, Heidi, Sofia and one of Sofia's friends were all just chilling in my room, and we were just talking about everything.  It was really great, and we're all planning on going out together soon.  My roommate came back, but now it's bedtime so no chance to talk to her!  Anyway, class in the morning (ugh, finance), so time to sleep!

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