Friday, March 20, 2015

Day 29: Pro-Gaming!

Woke up feeling kinda sick this morning, so instead of getting up and having breakfast like usual, I just laid in bed until the last possible moment.  Got kimbap for breakfast (mayo and bacon; very interesting), went to finance, mailed my letter and went back to the dorm.  I tried to my game theory homework, oh man I tried.  And then I looked at the syllabus.  The first question on our homework (due Wednesday) is about "auction games".  The syllabus shows us learning auction games in APRIL.  I HATE THIS CLASS SO MUCH.

So then I just complained about class to people online.  Packed up my bags, and then I went down to Itaewon for acupuncture.  I didn't do it on the top/front of my shoulder this time; rather, I did it on the back, right above the shoulder blade.  And OOH MY GOD that spot is tender.  When the machine was attached to it to like pull on the muscle a bit (which usually feels a bit tight and kinda tense, but not bad), it really took all I had not to make a sound.  That hurt SO MUCH, which shows that I definitely need to work on relaxing that muscle.  It's actually the muscle I feel that's super tense when I'm in the gym (I'll do an exercise that barely involves the muscle and I'll be able to feel it pulling because it's so tense), so I'm glad I found it.

Afterwards, I went to Yongsan to go to a pro League of Legends match.  For those of you who don't know, LoL is a video game.  Yes, I went to a professional video game match.  It. Was. Wonderful.  The two teams and coaches were in these soundproof booths, the center stage had announcers (in Korean and English, though for English you had to listen via a receiver).  The match was broadcasted above the announcers and they just had commentary going the whole time.  It was so much fun.  People got really into it.  There were actually two matches, and the teams actually would change some players between matches.  I'm so glad I went - it was one of the few things on my to-do list in Korea, so I'm glad it actually happened :)  I actually barely got my tickets - I had to reserve it online earlier this week, and I only got it because I reserved it within the first hour.

Seating and a view of one of the team rooms

Afterwards, just went home, had some dinner, uploaded pictures.  I got a letter today, so that was really fun to read, and the package from my parents came in!  A fitted sheet, a normal sheet, two pillowcases and a pillow protector.  Exactly what I needed.

Oh, and I treated myself and bought a package of strawberries today (and promptly ate them all today).  So good!  And now it's time to sleep and hopefully make it so I don't end up sick.  I'm just ready to crawl into my nice, soft, clean sheets from home and not wake up to an alarm :)

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