Thursday, March 19, 2015

Day 28: In which Kelsey misunderstands time

So, I *tried* to sleep in today, but my roommate having class at 1030 and waking up early to get ready for it + the shades getting left open = Kelsey could not sleep in like she planned.  Just goofed off, did laundry, and then met Jasmine and Sofia for lunch.  Sofia's friend met us, and it was just really nice.  Had fun talking with everyone.  Went back to finish my laundry, and then left to do the orientation of a drum group the Seoul Global Center was putting on.

I got lost on the way there - I ended up at the palace next to the folk museum where we were meeting (where the Seoul city tour was the first weekend!), and went to sit down to do orientation.  I set an alarm on my phone to remind me when I had to leave to get a subway back to school for my Korean class (~30 min travel time), and then it hit me.  For some unknown reason, I was thinking Korean class started at 6pm, when in reality it starts at 5pm.  The drum group practices from 3-5.  I think I got confused because the drum group posted times in the 12 hour way, and my phone in is military time, so I my brain just decided to mess everything up to let me think I could join.

So, like 10 minutes after getting there, I knew I had to leave (especially since the orientation was going until 5pm, when I had to be at class).  So I did what any normal person would do under that circumstance: I looked at my phone like I received some horrifying news and grabbed my backpack and ran out of the room like there was an emergency :P  I ended up walking around the palace and folk museum a bit to kill time, which was nice.  Realfeel was like 70 today so it was BEAUTIFUL and so much nicer than when I visited on the city tour.  I definitely need to go back again.

So beautiful outside~

Went to Korean class and almost fell asleep.  We learned quite a few more words today, so that's something to memorize over the weekend.  Then, I met up with my language exchange buddies that KUBA put together.  We actually got together with another group so there were 7 people - 2 Koreans, 2 Korean Americans, 2 Americans, and someone from Indonesia.  We went to get pizza and just talk and try to get better at communicating (the Koreans want to practice their English, us Americans and the Indonesian want to learn Korean, and the two Korean Americans translated anything that got misunderstood :P)

We learned a lot about different styles of communication, texting habits, and a few new words here and there - it was really a lot of fun.  We completely filled up a page with different words and symbols just explaining things to each other.  I think it was really great - everyone was super nice and it was just fun to talk and get to know each other.  We were there for over 2 hours just talking.  Also, the pizza was really good - we tried the bulgogi and sweet potato pizza and it definitely wasn't bad.

I went back to the dorm after and just relaxed.  Was going to do homework but I'm just so tired.  I have a full Friday and weekend planned, which wasn't that well thought out on my part.  I just want to nap!  Just one class tomorrow and then I get to have my acupuncture and explore for a few days!

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