Thursday, March 12, 2015

Day 21: PC Cafes

After getting a long sleep last night, I also got to wake up late; score!  Took some time getting up, and then went to a PC cafe to play games with Joe and some other friends.  Ended up staying there for multiple hours, so I decided to make it a full lazy morning and went out to eat because I was suuper hungry.  Grabbed my stuff and went to Korean class - we're finally done learning the alphabet and how to create words!  Starting real stuff next week :)

Stopped to buy more ramen on the way back to the dorm, and then went to the gym for a bit.  Still not feeling the greatest but eh, it'll either get better or it won't.  Had some of the previously bought ramen, relaxed a bit, and then worked on some homework for my Finance and Game Theory classes.  And by worked on my game theory homework, I mean I looked at it, realized he really hasn't taught us any of that, and closed the homework assignment because I don't feel like googling how to solve it right now.  I really need to, seeing as how he told us yesterday he tried to make the problems so it takes at least an hour per problem -_-

Anyway, going to try to sleep, tomorrow is looking like it's going to be a good day!

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