Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day 14: Acupuncture and ARC's

Thursdays are my day to sleep in, so I took advantage of that and slept in till around 10.  Took my time getting ready before trekking out to the Immigration office for my district.  I needed to turn in my application for my Alien Registration Card (or ARC), which everyone who stays in Korea for more than 90 days has to do.  When I went this weekend with friends, there were over 200 people in line for the student visa (the screen tells you how many people are in line total).  I went in a bit later than I should have today, so there were around 50 people in front of me.  I just buckled down and played videogames for an hour and a half until my number was called :P

As I don't have Korean class this week, I decided to go to Itaewon, which is kind of the foreigner area.  I tried shopping for shoes with no luck (similar to at home), so I now know for sure that I either need to buy men's shoes or wait until I get home and can buy wide women's shoes.  I also went and got acupuncture at a place by the station - I've been considering it for a while and I figured "why not?".  It was really fun, only about $20 for the session and honestly for once my shoulder just feels okay and without pain during the day.  Visiting again is only $15, so I'm definitely planning on doing that.  Got a doughnut when I first got there to stave off hunger until dinner - I was planning on going to the "Nashville Cafe", something my dad's friend had told me about.  The online reviews were really promising and it seemed fitting to get a whiskey and steak on Thirsty Thursday.

Well, after literal hours of walking around shopping/trying to find the place, I was utterly stumped.  I stood where the maps were telling me where it was, only to see a different "American" cafe.  I must have looked really confused because a few American gentlemen in probably their late 50's approached me and asked if I was lost.  I asked where the Nashville was, and they told me it closed down 2 years ago :(  We talked for a bit, they recommended an Irish pub around the corner, and we went our separate ways.  Usually I would follow the advice of someone who's been around the area for a while, but I had gotten it in my head I was having a big plate of meat for dinner, so I went to the American pub anyway.

Honestly, it wasn't that good.  The ribs could have been great, but they put so much sauce on it that it covered up any other flavor, and the sauce wasn't that good.  The fries and coleslaw were okay, and the whiskey was expensive.  Never going back again, but it was nice to have my own Thirsty Thursday here in Korea.

They tried to make it fancy too 
After that, I decided to just head back to school.  I stopped at a PC cafe on the walk from the station to the dorm because I wanted to kill time, so that was fun.  Back at the dorm, I tried out the gym that's inside and it was okay - I'm glad I went when it was quiet, I don't like having a bunch of other people around when I'm trying to exercise.  And apparently I killed too much time doing all that because I haven't even unpacked my camera to upload the few photos I took today, can't believe it's already almost midnight!  Class at 9am tomorrow, so I better get to sleep soon~

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