Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day 27: In which Kelsey gets rid of free time

The day started off nicely enough, as Finance is a pretty cool class.  It's definitely hard, but the teacher is nice and understandable, and I know the concepts will make sense soon enough.  Afterwards, I went back to my dorm to eat and attempt game theory again.  I ended up skyping Joe to complain about it and make him help me out.  Went to game theory, and things were slightly more understandable today.  I could almost read things!  A few other students seemed to complain too (they spoke in Korean, so who knows) because quite a few times he had to go back to variables to fix them up to be easier to read, and then like 10 people would be like "oooooh" and you'd hear everyone writing again.

Afterwards, I went to the school club fair.  It was fun!  I told two separate music groups I would like to join them, and also a dance group (and maybe one more...?)  I also tried shooting bb pellets at this one group and they were impressed that I've used a gun before and that I hit all the targets, though I didn't sign up to join.  Went back to the dorm for a minute and then off to Korean class (in the rain..).  Pretty fun day; we learned a lot of vocabulary so I'm excited for us to finally get into learning for the class.

Went to the gym right after class, and then showered and ate.  I got a message from one of the music groups in all Korean, but after a lot of google translate and some English from both of us I was invited to the group's chat room.  Everyone who responded to the messages seem really nice - that's what I love about music communities :)

I was going to study but then I got really distracted and only studied for a bit, oops!  Thank goodness tomorrow is an off day for me!

Oh, and I booked a long weekend trip to Mongolia!  It's kind of a graduation/birthday/you're off the dole present from my parents, and it's scheduled for the end of April!  I'm so excited - I'm going to stay with a nomad family and ride horses in the steppe.  I've wanted to do that for YEARS and now I finally can, even if it's only for like 2 days.  I have such a privileged life :)

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