Saturday, March 7, 2015

Day 16: Arcades and Karaoke!

Woke up this morning earlier than I should on a Saturday, got ready, and spent about 70 minutes on the subway going to Seohyeon.  What's in Seohyeon you ask?  Well, I had no idea.  A night or two ago I found out about a group that gets together in Seoul once a month to hang out at an arcade and just have fun.  I decided that I may as well join, as the KUBA cheer orientation didn't start until 5.30.

Met up with a some people there - a few were US military and a few were Koreans.  We stopped at a little buffet to get some food before we started, and just talk a bit.  It was pretty fun, just got to know each other.  Then, we went to an arcade that was close by the station.  Honestly, it was really fun.  Just played a bunch of games for cheap, tried out a drumming game and a 4D shooter, which was really cool.

Seohyeon just looked really cool too

Around 2pm or so I got a text from my KUBA buddy saying the cheering orientation was actually at 430 now.  So, that meant I'd have to leave around 3 to make sure I made it in time.  Well, we had actually just started heading out of the cafe to go to a karaoke bar, which is something I really wanted to try here and had already told them I was committed to doing (as I thought I was leaving at 4pm before).  So, I ended up missing the cheering thing, partly because of the plans I had made, and partly because I tend to get irrationally upset when times/places/etc get changed on me last minute.

Honestly, the karaoke cafe was a blast.  We were probably there for over two hours, just drinking and singing and having a great time.  I sang "Ring of Fire" and a few other country songs, joined some of the other guys singing some songs I knew, and just listened to everyone else.  We kind of got kicked out of the place because we had haggled to get it at a discounted price, and as it was about to be peak time she wanted us out for customers paying full price to actually use it, which makes sense.

We went back to the arcade for a while, decided we were hungry, and then got burgers at a place down the street.  During the conversation there it came up that military bases have stores that sell full sized towels (I still reallllly want one), so it's in the works to have me visit so I can buy one.  I figured I'd head back then, and maybe try to hook up with some of the KUBA people if they were having an after party.  Took the subway home, couldn't get in contact with anyone here, so I ended up just sitting and relaxing in the dorm :P

Just relaxing a bit more, gonna turn in early hopefully and get a long night of sleep!

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