Friday, March 27, 2015

Day 35: Video Games and Grammar

Woke up, had some breakfast, and then went down to the PC cafe to play video games with Joe and some of our friends.  We did that for quite a while (I ordered a drink to my computer, super cool!) before everyone stateside had to go to bed, so I went out to eat and then went home to finish up my Korean homework.

Korean class was super difficult today.  They learned a lot of adjectives (which I hadn't learned yet) and verbs (which I hadn't learned yet), and we spent the day learning how to conjugate verbs in present tense.  No one really understood what was going on, so that was fun.

Went out shopping after class, just in the neighborhood, and got some things I needed (tape, scissors, eye mask for sleeping, face mask for when the yellow dust is bad).  Back at the dorm, just worked on some homework for a bit before dinner, which I had to eat in the kitchen.  It was supposed to be room inspections today, which means pretending you have no perishables in your room (I hid mine in my suitcase, as did most everyone else) and you can't eat in your room, so I figured I'd play it safe and eat there.

Back to my room to do more Finance homework and I was just so confused.  There's quite a bit of math in it, which is something I worked hard to avoid doing when I was at NDSU (instead, I did more theory and conceptual classes; things with words instead of numbers).  Skyped Joe for help and baffled him with my mathematical ignorance.  He gave me some resources to help me out, so hopefully they work.

They ended up not doing room inspections in my room, of course.  Got to bed around 1am because I lost track of time working on homework.

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